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A Spanish Language Learning Center 

Spanish in Downtown San Rafael is a Spanish language learning center founded in California in August 2013. The founder is Felipe Garces. He taught foreign languages in Medellin, Colombia, both in Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and in the local American-Colombian binational center for many years. He has also taught Spanish to adults in the San Francisco bay area for the past eight years. The Spanish language learning center offers group classes, one-on-one lessons and immersion courses. There are no more than ten students per class. It is located right in downtown San Rafael on 1299 4th Street, Suite 209 B. There is plenty of parking in the five-story city garage next door. Students get a one-hour validation ticket in every class.

The instructor

Felipe Garces first taught foreign languages at eighteen years of age when he returned to Colombia after spending a year as an exchange student in the United States. In his early 20’s, he combined teaching English at the local American-Colombian binational center in Medellin and doing promotional work for the Jack Russell Co, Inc. throughout the world. He also taught English as a Foreign Language in the School of Education at Bolivariana University in 1993 and 1994. Felipe received a degree with Honors from Bolivariana University in Modern Languages (Spanish-English) in 1993. He received an MBA and a Master of Science from the University of Miami in 1996. He moved to California in 2008 and started teaching Spanish to adults the following year. His effectiveness and success as a Spanish teacher encouraged him to open his own Spanish Language Learning Center in downtown San Rafael.

Felipe Garcés